Meggie Wittorf for Minnesota State Representative


Your voice

in action. 


Hi, I'm Meggie

I am running to be your next state representative because I dedicate myself to things I believe in, and I believe in people.

Our Capitol should be a model of our state, a shining beacon of progress and leadership. Our representatives should be people like us, local advocates who are dedicated to their communities.

I am a proud Minnesotan from a farming and education family, a lifelong equity advocate, and a business leader. Our Capitol is one of the few places where advocacy and our economy intersect. It’s time for experienced leaders and new perspectives at the Capitol to create forward-thinking policy that supports all people and sets Minnesota up to thrive.

In our community, I have been doing this work:

  • As a board member at OutFront Minnesota, I fight to protect and strengthen LGBTQ rights. This means protecting marriage equality, creating safe and inclusive schools for our youth, and building a wide net of resources for those experiencing crisis.
  • While receiving my MBA at the University of Minnesota, I led the Women’s Mentorship Program. Here I focused on addressing challenges in the opportunity pipeline, improving gender balance in higher-education programs, and securing mentors in underrepresented fields.
  • As a finance professional and brand manager at General Mills, I have experience working in a cornerstone of Minnesota’s economy, managing a budget to see through an agenda, and leading by way of building consensus. This means bringing new voices to the table and creating accountability to turn a vision into a reality.

As a lifelong advocate and business leader, I understand the ways in which our social inequities intersect with our economy. I have the moxie to fight for an economic equation that works for all Minnesota families and the expertise to build a budget that reflects our values.

We have so much to be proud of, but we have work to do. Our Capitol needs experienced leaders who go beyond raising awareness to seeing through an agenda.


A defining political moment

I made the decision to run for office in 2014 when the United States Supreme Court ruled on the Hobby Lobby case, deciding that companies do not have to pay for their female employees' birth control because of religious beliefs.

That was my impetus for becoming president of the Women’s Mentorship program while earning my MBA at the University of Minnesota, and for joining the board of OutFront Minnesota, the organization that co-founded Minnesotans United and won marriage equality for same-sex couples.

What I knew then is even clearer now -- we can’t just talk about issues, we have to put our values into action.


My family, education, and professional experience

My parents grew up in a small farming community in Iowa. After they married, they moved to Wayzata and built their home, where they still live today. My father sold welding supplies and my mom got a job with the Minnetonka Public Schools, where she is still a paraprofessional.

They intentionally moved to Wayzata because they wanted my sisters and me to get a good education and give us a chance to go to college, because they didn’t.

While at Drake University, I majored in finance. My frugal father fully encouraged this major because he wanted me to be employable when I graduated. And I was -- I got a job with General Mills in finance and since receiving my MBA, I have become a Brand Manager. I also served as the Finance Director for Jillia Pessenda’s campaign for Minneapolis City Council in the 2017 cycle.


Making my home in the Fulton Neighborhood

My husband Steve and I moved to the Fulton neighborhood because, like everyone, we love the lakes and the creek. We also love the vibrancy of the different neighborhoods and the strong sense of community. I am continually inspired by the power and persistence of communities working together to create opportunities so that all families can thrive.


The challenges we face

This past year has illuminated the challenges we face. It is clear that politics as usual is not working. That's why 2018 is a critical moment for us to change course and elect forward-thinking, experienced leaders to the Capitol.

As your neighbor and friend, I would be honored to serve as your representative. Together, we can advance an agenda focused on economic equity and creating a future powered by what makes Minnesota the shining beacon it is.

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