Jenni Norlin-Weaver, EdD

I'm writing to encourage you to get to know and support Meggie Wittorf at the DFL caucus on Tuesday, February 6th. Meggie is running for the nomination to represent District 61B in the Minnesota House of Representatives. I am excited to support Meggie, and I know she would be honored to gain your support as well. 

Meggie speaks to a vision backed by values and will speak directly to those values through her action-oriented leadership. South and Southwest Minneapolis have had a history of strong leaders and Meggie is well-poised to carry that forward, while bringing a passionate new voice to the work that needs to be done. She is thoughtful and strong on many fronts and her views on inclusivity and education are especially important to me.

As an educator and business-person, I appreciate that Meggie knows that our ability to deliver on the promise of a strong educational experience for ALL Minnesota students is the cornerstone of our state’s economy. I’m excited that she understands that schools require a sustainable and predictable funding solution, regardless of their location, and that a variety of post-secondary education experiences must become accessible to all. She’s right when she says, “This is how we provide opportunities to gain critical thinking skills, prepare for a job, and participate in our economy.”

The time is right for new leadership that understands what the future requires. Please take time to get to know Meggie, learn more about her preparation and plans for the work ahead, and consider joining me in endorsing her on February 6th.

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Meggie Wittorf