Jillia Pessenda

Less than a year ago, while I was running for City Council in Ward One (Northeast Minneapolis), Meggie Wittorf showed up at my house for a campaign meeting and became one of my greatest supporters. 

In a nutshell that's who Meggie is. She never does anything halfway - she's always all in. And that's exactly the kind of leader and representation we need in the Minnesota House of Representatives. 

Meggie has the business acumen and courage we need at the Capitol. As the finance director for my campaign, she helped raise over $65,000. Her MBA, and experience from working at General Mills for the past nine years, will be an asset when it comes to managing the State’s budget. Meggie is unafraid to step up and fight for what is right -- because she always has.

As a woman who is currently battling breast cancer and facing a mountain of medical bills, Single Payer healthcare is an issue that is very important to me – no one facing a cancer diagnosis should have to worry about how they are going to afford the lifesaving care they need. I know Meggie understands this too. Meggie will fight for women, families, and all of us to get the care we need and deserve. Meggie has the persistence and determination needed to take action and move policies forward.

In light of current events, isn’t it time for a woman to take the reins? Currently, your district is represented by a delegation of men; now is the time for equity and that means electing a woman who is experienced and ready to serve. 

In this precarious political time, we need Meggie’s leadership at the Capitol. She will advocate for you – and for justice – every day, every step of the way.

I urge you to get to know Meggie and commit to caucus for her on February 6th.

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Meggie Wittorf