Reilly Goodwin & Nicholas Reichert

We are lifelong Minnesotans, Nick grew up in Linden Hills and Reilly grew up in the western suburbs (and attended high school with Meggie). When the time came to decide where to establish our permanent roots there was no question it would be in southwest Minneapolis. 

We are tremendously lucky to call this place home, but there is work to be done and we deserve leadership in the Minnesota House of Representatives that understands the challenges at hand: providing equal access to affordable health care, ensuring gender equality, closing the achievement gap, and advocating for underserved communities across the state.

We are excited to support Meggie because she represents the values that drew us to this community. She also understands the challenges facing Minnesotans, evidenced by her experience and commitment to advocacy and public service. She is a unique leader, one that believes in the power of community and understands that living in a place this amazing doesn’t happen overnight; but that it requires stewardship, commitment, coalitions and a voice. We support Meggie because we believe in electing smart, strong women to office – diversity in leadership is crucial to the success of all Minnesotans. 

We will be caucusing for Meggie in February, and are proud to lend her our voice, our resources, and our support.

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Meggie Wittorf