David Watts

As a community solar developer for a small business in Minneapolis, I am thrilled to caucus for and support Meggie Wittorf. Advancing clean energy in Minnesota is not just our moral obligation, but also a tremendous economic opportunity. Meggie understands this, and she has the skillset and passion to realize a sustainable agenda.

Environmental policy is a complex and polarizing issue. Meggie’s experience in advocacy and business enable her to see the connections between clean energy, jobs, and equity. As a leader in brand management and finance at General Mills, Meggie excels in creative thinking and practical solutions. We need this unique experience to generate sustainable solutions for our environment and economy.

We need tenacious representatives who will stay at the table until a solution is reached. Meggie is the right person for the job because she leads by listening and building consensus. I am confident Meggie will bring dedication, creative problem-solving, and pragmatic thinking to create a strong Minnesota economy and a better world for future generations.

I was drawn to work in solar because the environment and our families can’t wait. In 2018, let’s take action and make the changes we have been talking about for so long. Join me in caucusing for Meggie on February 6.

David Watts
US Solar, District 61B Resident

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Meggie Wittorf