Meggie Wittorf for Minnesota State Representative

Organizational Endorsements

In the News

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Southwest Journal: The Candidate

Jim walsh, sw journal

"At a time when fatigue about politics can elicit a heads-in-the-sand “here we go again,” Wittorf is a breath of fresh air."

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Restoring our trust in politics

adam faitek, Southwest Journal

"As a state representative, policy is important, but what matters most is a combination of vision and leadership style. Meggie best represents the visions of our neighbors and has long track record of leading by building relationships and bringing new voices to the table."

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LTE: A woman's voice


"We are supporting Meggie because of the combination of her business acumen, her history of effective advocacy and her ability to get things done. We need Meggie's voice at the Capitol. She will advance an agenda focused on economic equity and advocacy that will benefit those of us who live in 61B and all Minnesotans."

LTE: A vision for change


"I pass by Justine’s memorial nearly every day — a constant reminder of the tragic consequences that can result when our justice system falls short of expectations. It compels me to work toward a Minnesota where something like this can never happen again, one where every resident feels safe calling the police when they are in trouble and the police treat every individual with dignity and respect without feeling like they are constantly under threat. This is my vision, and I know that Meggie shares this vision too."

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Why Getting Involved in Local Politics is More Important Than You Think

liz welle, Wit & dELIGHT

"It’s important to reflect on if that’s happening in your own community. We saw similar sentiment presented in our Minnesota legislature; from attacks on women’s health care to our right to protest."

Community Endorsements

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Shay berkowitz & phyllis wiener

The intersection of Meggie's progressive advocacy work and business experience will make her a valuable leader in the legislature. We're inspired by Meggie's vision for investing in women and families. Tackling job equity, education funding, criminal justice, and reproductive justice will benefit all of us.

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We are supporting Meggie because of the combination of her business acumen, her history of effective advocacy and her ability to get things done. We need Meggie's voice at the Capitol. She will advance an agenda focused on economic equity and advocacy that will benefit those of us who live in 61B and all Minnesotans.

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Meggie knows that healthy communities are thriving communities. To me, Meggie is the advocate our patients, workers, and families deserve.

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laura lynch

Meggie believes that important decisions for our city shouldn’t just be left to politics as usual, and that a community that works together is stronger together.

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I am excited to caucus for Meggie Wittorf on Feb. 6 because she has a track record of showing up, leading and getting things done. At the doors, on the phones and in neighborhood meetings, nobody has to guess what kind of leader Meggie will be because she shows us in action. 

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In this precarious political time, we need Meggie’s leadership at the Capitol. She will advocate for you – and for justice – every day, every step of the way.

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Meggie embodies the values of our community, and our neighborhoods have rallied because of her vision. 

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Jeff Hlavacek & Brian VanderWaal

I met Meggie seven years ago when we worked together at General Mills. A successful career is driven by innovative thinking and a passion for team work. Meggie excelled at both and was a great business partner.

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Bonnie Sarkar Grundtner  

Meggie envisions a Minnesota that embodies many of the ideals of my American dream. Her plans on affordable housing, green job creation, equitable education, and single payer healthcare create a society where every individual is included.

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Jenni Norlin-Weaver, EdD

As an educator and business-person, I appreciate that Meggie knows that our ability to deliver on the promise of a strong educational experience for ALL Minnesota students is the cornerstone of our state’s economy. 


Meggie is not an insider politician as usual. Meggie is our neighbor, our local business leader and an equity advocate. It is so energizing to find a candidate who has the moxie to combine economic growth with doing what is right for the environment. 

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sean lynch

Meggie isn’t afraid to think big - so long as she has a plan for how we’ll achieve that vision and ensure that no student falls through the cracks. 

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Meggie’s experience in advocacy and business enable her to see the connections between clean energy, jobs, and equity.

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reilly goodwin & nicholas reichert

We are excited to support Meggie because she represents the values that drew us to this community. She also understands the challenges facing Minnesotans, evidenced by her experience and commitment to advocacy and public service.

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Kaia and Lucy Kegley

Meggie realizes that for community to thrive, community needs to participate. She’s mobilized and led an energetic and grassroots movement of neighbors leading neighbors, bringing together first time convention goers and longtime DFLers.


I’ve seen her build an incredible coalition of neighbors who were inspired by her vision for a better Minnesota.