A Vision Led by Values

As Minnesotans we hold our values high. We must all be equal in the eyes of our public institutions. Leaving any member of our community behind because of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic status, immigration status, or any other wedge used to drive us apart prevents progress. This campaign will bring principled, experienced, and forward-thinking leadership to the process and will fight for greater opportunities for all Minnesotans. Below is the vision I’ll bring to the State Capitol.

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Families deserve an economic equation that actually works.

We must do more than raise awareness of our inequities; we must create economic opportunity so every Minnesota family has a chance to thrive. The following principles will guide my advocacy for realizing an economic equation that works for everyone.

  • Both the gender and racial pay gaps are unacceptable; when women and people of color fall behind, families suffer.

  • Universal health care is both the moral and smart way forward. Implementing a single-payer system should be our ultimate goal. We should expand MinnesotaCare, and make sure that affordable and quality care is available for all.

  • Access to safe, legal abortions in Minnesota is essential for personal, financial, and economic freedom for all women.

  • Reliable, safe, and affordable housing is imperative for all Minnesotans.

  • All workers in our state, regardless of gender identity, deserve paid family leave.

Forward-thinking community and economic planning is vital for Minnesota’s future.

Every policy and budgetary decision made can change the direction of our future. Guided by our values, it’s up to us to dream big for our state. Investments must be made now for Minnesota to remain the shining beacon that it is.

  • We must protect our environment by opposing dirty energy, oil pipelines, and fracking, which disproportionately hurt people of color and indigenous communities. Minnesota can and should lead the way in clean energy and green jobs.

  • I’m proud that Minneapolis is the first city in the state to implement a $15 an hour minimum wage in the years ahead. Statewide, we must make sure that all Minnesotans can earn a living wage of $15 an hour, are protected from wage theft, and are ensured fair scheduling.  

  • We need to invest in a comprehensive mass transit system backed by strong infrastructure. Without this, communities that rely on transit will continue to fall behind, and communities that could benefit will be impacted by congestion and pollution.

  • As a graduate of the University of Minnesota, I understand the incredible importance of our public academic institutions. We must make sure graduates stay in Minnesota, and that we invest in public education to make it accessible and affordable for everyone.

Education is cornerstone to a thriving Minnesota.

Minnesota has always been known for strong public education programs, but there are problems we must address to provide top-notch education and prepare our young people for the future.

  • We must accelerate our work toward closing the opportunity gap that exists between students of color and white students. Every Minnesotan has a right to a high-quality education.

  • We must develop a more sustainable funding solution for our schools. A community’s wealth is too big a determinant of school quality, and too many districts in our state lack the funding required to nurture our next generation.

  • We must make post-secondary education, in all of its forms, more accessible. This is how we provide opportunities to gain critical thinking skills, prepare for a job, and participate in our economy.

Reform is the path to safer and more just communities.

As Minnesotans, we are remarkably proud of our neighborhoods and our strong values. We also know that we have work to do to create truly safe and just communities. At the Capitol, we must address violence by focusing on the root causes -- the cycle of poverty, the ways we socialize our young people, and the lack of access to mental health and addiction resources. We must understand that public safety and police reform are mutually reliant and require collaboration on all levels.

  • Minnesota drug overdoses have increased over 9% in the last year. We must do more to combat the rise of deadly opioid drug overdoses and provide drug and addiction prevention resources to our citizens.

  • No person should ever lose a loved one from preventable gun violence. We must pass universal background checks and close loopholes that put guns in the wrong hands.

  • We need urgent police reform. Law enforcement officers should have early and ongoing de-escalation training to prevent unnecessary loss of life. To foster collaborative and trusting relationships, we need to incentivize police forces to recruit from the communities they serve.  

  • We must continue to invest in reentry programs like education, job training, and housing assistance for people exiting our prison system to reduce recidivism.

  • We must stand in unity with our immigrant neighbors and provide opportunities for full inclusion into our communities.

We must restore trust in government through transparency and accountability.

To see the change we have talked about for so long, we must change our behavior. Inequities and biases within the halls of the Capitol, shows up in policymaking. Together, we will create a new gold standard in government transparency and accountability.

  • A budget is a moral document, where we put pen to paper and prioritize our values. We must hold ourselves accountable to manage the budget in the interests of Minnesotans, not as a mechanism to pass unrelated policy positions.

  • To best serve the people of our community and foster dialogue, I promise to engage actively with you on social media, in town halls and coffees across our district, and at unique community engagement events.

Empowering our democracy means increasing accessibility to it and instilling an appreciation for it.

Politics has become an insider's game. Instead of focusing on the issues that matter most to constituents, too many politicians are caught up in the accumulation of power. I believe in the core tenets of representative democracy and I will fight to make voting easier and more accessible to every Minnesotan.

  • Minnesota leads the country in voter turnout. We must protect and uphold our voting system by making it more accessible and efficient. We must expand early-voting options for all communities and make automatic voter registration a reality in Minnesota.

  • Tens of thousands of Minnesotans in our criminal justice system are barred from voting. It’s time to restore voting rights to registered felons who have served their time.

  • We must make Civics education a core principle in our public schools. A society that appreciates civics, is a society that will fight for democracy.